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The Evergreen Tangerine Tree

The tangerine tree 🌳 is a variety of mandarin 🍊 that produces small, thin-skinned fruit similar to an orange. 
Tangerines are evergreen and grow about 10 to 15 feet tall, although old trees can reach 25 feet. 
The trees need full sun ☀️ and well-draining soil. A southern exposure is best for planting to allow maximum sunlight for fruit production and warmer temperatures to protect from frost ❄️! 
The fruit often ripens in the winter or early spring, making tangerines a popular winter snack and a traditional Christmas favorite in many homes. While a single tree is capable of producing fruit on its own, planting more than one tangerine cultivar in an area can increase the yield of tangerines on all of the trees.

They are well worth the effort!