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Employee Spotlight - John Patrick

John Patrick - Account Manager 
Here at Eco Farms, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing dependable, outstanding quality avocados 🥑 and citrus 🍊 to make life-long customers. And for that, we need a great team! 
John has been with us for over a year and is our salesman for the east coast! Thank you, John. 
More about John: 
1) - What is your position here at Eco Farms and what do you do? 
Sales, mostly Southeast and East Coast. I sell to all channels and many different types of customers.   
2) What did you do before working at Eco Farms? 
I worked for Keystone Fruit. Prior to Keystone, I was at Mission Produce

 for 5 years.   
3) What’s different about working at Eco Farms as opposed to other companies you’ve worked at before? 
A sense of teamwork and ownership. At Eco, we are all about getting the job done, and making our customer happy. We are small enough that we all see multiple parts of the sales process, and that creates personal ownership.   

4) What’s your favorite part about your job/why do you love your job at Eco Farms? 
I love the “thrill of the hunt”. I want to be a part of building something. Eco was one of the first avocado shippers in the US., I believe we can be the best - and I want to contribute to that!  

5) What do you like to do outside of work? 
Road bicycling is my favorite. I enjoy getting out in the country and seeing wilderness and farmland. It clears my head, and all is right with the world!  The longer the better. Secondly, I love the “Great Smoky Mountains” Backpacking with family and friends is always a special time. Hard to do that often enough. I also host a Super Bowl Party for the homeless men of Charlotte every year at my Church for the last 8 years.