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Sizes of Avocados

Did you know there are different sizes of Avocados 🥑? 

In fact, avocados vary heavily in sizes and weight. In California, there are specifications as to when an avocado 🥑 can be picked – these are called release dates. 

We have these dates to ensure that the avocados picked are ripe and flavorful. If an avocado is picked too early and not mature enough the flavor won’t be as good and people wouldn’t want to eat them as much -- meaning demand in the industry would lessen. 

 A release date is the day avocado growers can begin harvesting their crop; large sizes can be picked earlier in the year than smaller size avocados.In California, as of January 2nd, size 60 avocados and larger can be picked. 

The picture shows the sizes and weights of the avocados – right now 60s, 48s, 40s, 36s, 32s, and 28s can be picked. 

 That means avocados weighing 6.25 oz or more. 

 There are some avocados that are even smaller than the 84s which weigh 3.75 oz to 4.75 oz. Those are called pee wee avocados 🥑! .

So, there are some sizes smaller - there are also sizes that are even bigger than 28! 

 The world record holding avocado 🥑 was 5 pounds & 3.6 ounces! You can learn more about avocados and growing them on our website at: