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Employee Spotlight - Helen Kanthavong

1) What is your position here at Eco Farms and what do you do? 
I am currently working at Eco Farms in the shipping and receiving department. Since I am new to produce, it was essential for me to understand where everything comes from, how the fruit should look, how we pack the fruit, learn the sizes, and how many boxes go on each pallet. I started by setting up orders, loading and unloading the trucks, shipping and receiving the products, receiving the rejected product back into the storage. Being detailed and confirming each order is shipped correctly is essential before loading each truck. 
2) How long have you worked at Eco Farms? 
Eco Farms is my very first produce company that I’ve been working with, and I’ve been working here in Eco Farms for 6 months now. 

3) What’s different about working at Eco Farms as opposed to other companies you’ve worked at before?Before I worked in Eco Farms, I was attending school at Mt. San Jacinto College as a part-time student. I was also working at a Thai restaurant, where I focused on food safety and customer service. Lastly, I was working on a part-time basis at a Thai export company as an account executive. Every place I worked has taught me many lessons. However, I have never felt as at home as I do in Eco Farms. The corporate culture and personal interest shown by my coworkers make it a unique place to work at. This makes Eco Farms far different from anywhere else I worked. 
4) How does working at Eco Farms challenge and encourage you to do your best work?Eco Farms challenges me on a daily basis since I am constantly learning from the people around me. Every day, there’s a new challenge. And even though produce is a challenge, I have fallen in love with this industry. Seeing the market fluctuate and to see how the commodities market functions helps me improve myself. 
5) What’s your favorite part about your job/why do you love your job at Eco Farms?When I first moved to Temecula California, I noticed avocado trees everywhere. I would always tell myself... “one day I will be working with the avocado company”. Now 5 years later, here I am! I am very happy that I got a chance to work in Eco Farms, one of the best avocados growers in California! Ever since I’ve been working in Eco Farms, I like the relationships that I have formed with my co-workers, the packing team, and the bagging team. 
6) What do you like to do outside of work?I like playing guitar and singing. When I do have free time, I also love to go on a hike, bike, surf, draw, cook and going to the gym. is Besides that, I like to go out, explore and adventures… like camping and going to bonfires.