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Employee Spotlight - Gahl Crane, Sales Director

Gahl Crane our sales director, just finished up his 3rd year at Eco Farms. Here at Eco Farms, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing dependable, outstanding quality avocados 🥑 and citrus 🍊 to make life-long customers. 
And for that, we need a great team!
1) What is your position here at Eco Farms and what do you do? 
Sales Director. I am responsible for many of our key retail and food-service accounts and work closely with our President/Founder, Steve Taft, on sales and procurement and overall management of the sales team. I also represent the company at trade shows and at industry promotional boards such as HAB and AFM. 
2) What did you do before working at Eco Farms? 
I have been in the Avocado industry for over 14 years- mostly in sales/sales director positions.  

3) What’s different about working at Eco Farms as opposed to other companies you’ve worked at before? 
The company culture here is laid back with everyone very dedicated to their work but also relaxed and down to earth. We have a great customer and grower base which is really impressive- being in business for 45 years, we have developed a lot of great relationships. Eco Farms is very supportive of its employees and that is something that I really enjoy here.
4) How does working at Eco Farms challenge and encourage you to do your best work? 
The Avocado industry is highly competitive but also continues to be a fast-growing business. Keeping up with customers growing demands for Avocados can be very challenging and rewarding. And working with our growers, field buyers and customers all in sync is motivating and enjoyable.
5) What’s your favorite part about your job/why do you love your job at Eco Farms? 
The relationships I have formed with co-workers, growers, and customers have been by far the most rewarding aspect of the job. I also enjoy eating Avocados a lot so that is a really nice perk of being in the business- as many Avocados as you can eat available 52 weeks a year! And, of course, sharing those with friends, family, and neighbors - the passion and love avocados bring to people is very rewarding to see.
6) What do you like to do outside of work? 
I love being a dad -  I have a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old. There is no way to spend my time outside work then playing and exploring with these 2 little guys. I also love to hike, bike, garden, surf, and cook.