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Did you know there are 3 varieties of blood oranges? Moro, Tarocco, and Sanguinelli blood oranges and they can all be grown right here in Southern California!
Pictured to the left are Eco Farms' organic blood oranges picked just this week from a local grove in Pauma Valley, CA. There are some differences between the varieties.
Moro blood oranges have a deep red flesh with luscious, rich orange flavor with raspberry overtones and deep crimson juice. Moro blood oranges produce the best color in hot interior regions of California. 
Tarocco is less productive than Moro. It has deep red flesh as well with good flavor, somewhat sweeter than Moro; their juice is burgundy. Tarocco also produces the best color and sweetest flavor in California’s warm to hot inland valleys. 

Both Moro and Tarocco are vigorous, medium-sized spreading trees.
Sanguinelli is sweeter than Moro and is also best adapted to warmer inland areas. They typically ripen in late winter to early spring.