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A wonderful first food for your baby is a healthy, tasty and creamy Avocado

Avocados 🥑 make a great first food for your baby due to their texture and creaminess; an extra bonus is that avocados are full of good fats and have high nutrient content! 
Avocado may be offered to your baby as early as 4 – 6 months old. 
An avocado is smooth and creamy when mashed – a perfect food that will be more readily accepted as baby begins solids..Babies need carbohydrates, and fats as well as proteins for their growth during the crucial first year and even into the second year. 
A few wonderful choices for first foods for babies, as many pediatric resources are now acknowledging, are tasty and creamy avocados, bananas and sweet potatoes. 
These healthy and nutritious foods make really great first foods for a baby because they are easy to digest and full of vitamins, minerals, fats and other nutrients a growing baby needs. 
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Announcing Our California Avocado Season!

California Avocados - Now Available!

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How Avocados Ripen

 The storage life of Avocados on the tree will vary from 2 months for Bacon Avocados,  to 8 months for Hass Avocados. Avocados are mature before picking, but not ready to eat. They must be softened off the tree. 

The softening process takes from a few days to a week, depending upon the degree of maturity, storage temperature and variety.

When the fruit on the tree begins to mature, it usually loses some of its "bloom" and changes color. Small, rusty brown specks may develop on some varieties and other fruit may become somewhat duller in appearance. Internally, the seed coat turns from ivory to dark brown upon maturity.

To determine fruit maturity, pick one of the larger fruits and keep it at room temperature until it softens. It is mature if it softens to good consistency, is not tough and leathery or bitter, does not shrink or shrivel, and is good to eat. 

The remaining fruit can then be picked from the tree as needed, allowing for softening time. Then enjoy 😋! 

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Where Our Avocados Come From

 In 2018, nearly 2 billion pounds of Avocados 🥑 came from Mexico [1] to the United States 6.5 times more than what California [2] produced!

There are few places where avocados 🥑 grow year-round, and one place is Mexico.

To be more precise, that place is the Mexican state of Michoacán, where rich volcanic soil, abundant sunshine ☀️ , and timely rainfall 🌧 provide an ideal setting for the growth of creamy, tasty avocados 🥑. [3]

In Michoacán, you can find more than 30,000 avocado orchards 🌳 that bloom 365 days a year. [4]

Mexico imported 1,988,133,064 pounds to the US in 2018.

California only produced 312,759,562 pounds – 6.5 times less in 2018.

Full Data & Sources

[1] Avocado Shipment Volume Data 2018 | Hass Avocado Board. (2019). Retrieved from

[2] Ibid.

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Congratulations to Emily M. Noble - Promoted to Marketing Manager and Sales Associate

Congratulations to our new Marketing Manager and Sales Associate Emily M. Noble! 

As a small company, we make sure to acknowledge the great work of our associates and Emily has done an exemplary job in her short time here. 

As of January 1st, Emily has been promoted to marketing manager and sales associate.Some of her achievements include: 

-The development of our new website: 

-The development and management of six social media accounts with an increase of 8,000% on engagement, 87% on followership and weekly impressions of 54,000 or more. 

-Presentations crafted and used by the executive team when meeting with public companies and potential clients. 

-& The acquisition of several new clients. 

We are excited to be giving her more responsibilities and looking forward to all she will bring to Eco Farms in the future. 

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Sizes of Avocados

Did you know there are different sizes of Avocados 🥑? 

In fact, avocados vary heavily in sizes and weight. In California, there are specifications as to when an avocado 🥑 can be picked – these are called release dates. 

We have these dates to ensure that the avocados picked are ripe and flavorful. If an avocado is picked too early and not mature enough the flavor won’t be as good and people wouldn’t want to eat them as much -- meaning demand in the industry would lessen. 

 A release date is the day avocado growers can begin harvesting their crop; large sizes can be picked earlier in the year than smaller size avocados.In California, as of January 2nd, size 60 avocados and larger can be picked. 

The picture shows the sizes and weights of the avocados – right now 60s, 48s, 40s, 36s, 32s, and 28s can be picked. 

 That means avocados weighing 6.25 oz or more. 

 There are some avocados that are even smaller than the 84s which weigh 3.75 oz to 4.75 oz. Those are called pee wee avocados 🥑! .

So, there are some sizes smaller - there are also sizes that are even bigger than 28! 

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Avocado Lemon Dip

This autumn Eco Farms has fresh Mexican avocados 🥑 & Lemons 🍋. Here's on of our favorite recipes that creates a fresh & healthier spin on guacamole. 

1 Ripe Eco Farms Mexican Hass Avocado 🥑 (halved, seeded & peeled)

1 tablespoon lemon 🍋 juice 

1/2 cup light dairy sour cream  

1 clove Garlic minced 

1/8 teaspoon salt

Lemon 🍋 wedge

4 medium red, yellow and/or green sweet peppers 🌶, seeded & cut into strips

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10 Eco Farms Organic Lemons 

1 Liter of Skyy Vodka 

3 cups sugar 

4 cups water 


Zest all lemons and place the zest in a large pitcher. Pour in the liter of vodka. Allow the lemon zest to infuse the vodka by covering the pitcher loosely and storing for one week at room temperature.

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Key Lime Pie

Ingredients for Crust 

Non-stick cooking spray 

Food processor 

Pie tin 9 inches in diameter and 1-1/4 inches deep 

Pie weight 

1 cup flour 

2 cups graham crackers ground finely in food processor 

½ cup brown sugar 

½ tsp. salt 

2 sticks of butter (aka 1 cup) chilled 

1 egg yolk 

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Lime & Mint Mojito

-Serving Size One Mojito- 


1) One handful mint leaves 

2) ½ lime sliced into quarters 

3) 1 cup ice cubes 

4) 1 & ½ fl oz white rum 

5.) ½ cup club soda 

6) 2 tablespoons sugar 

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