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ORganic & Conventional Avocados
Reed Avocado - A green variety avocado.

Reed avocados are round rather than the typical pear shape.  

Hass Avocado - The most popular avocado. 

Hass are oval shaped and turn purple-ish black when ripe.

Fuerte Avocado - A high quality green variety avocado. 

Fuertes have a higher fat content than hass making them quite tasty.

Zutano Avocado - A green variety with shiny, yellow-green skin. 

They are in season in the early winter.

Pinkerton Avocado - Another green variety avocado from California.

 It has a long pear shape and light pebbling (bumps on the outside). 

Bacon Avocado - A smooth skin green variety. 

Bacons & other green varieteis don't darken when they are ripe. 

Lamb Hass Avocado - Very similar in taste and appearance to hass.

Lamb hass avocados are just a bit more robust and larger than regular hass.

Variety Months Available
Organic & Conventional California Hass January - October Contact
Organic & Conventional Mexico Hass All Year Round
Organic & Conventional Chile Hass October - February
Organic & Conventional Peru Hass May - October
Organic & Conventional Lamb Hass July - September CONTACT
Organic & Conventional California Bacon November - January
Organic & Conventional California Fuerte November - January
Conventional California Pinkerton November - January
Organic & Conventional California Reed July - September
Organic & Conventional California Zutano October - December CONTACT
Organic Citrus
Variety Months Available
Lemons September - July Contact
Meyer Lemons
October - April Contact
Tango Tangerine February - April Contact
Golden Nuggets February - May Contact
Valencias May - August Contact
Marsh Ruby September - December Contact
Star Ruby January - August CONTACT
Cara Cara January - April Contact
Blood Oranges February - May CONTACT
Navels November - May CONTACT
Exotic Fruit
Variety Months Available
Dragon Fruit August - February Contact
Kumquats December - June Contact